Thursday, July 31, 2008

School Starts

No the picture has nothing to do with the topic :)

School started for us on Tues. Cruz's first half day was yesterday and he did great. No holding on to me and clinging. After I left he even decided to talk to his teacher (who he hadn't talked to ever). He had a great time. He told me he might even like school. His first full day will be tomorrow.

Zinnah and William are in 5th grade this year. At Union Academy that's middle school. They have their own lockers and travel from class to class for the different periods. William thinks he's all that! Hopefully he can stay focused.

Patience is in 6th grade and is definately the big sister at the middle school. She lets both William and Zinnah know "how to do it right". Sounds like an awfully big job :).

Afton & Kolu are in 3rd grade. They both enjoy school. This will be their first year with EOG (End of Grade testing). They begin their pre-tests next week.

And finally my Brooksy; He's in 1st grade. He is soooo big. He loves having his own desk instead of tables and his own agenda. He knows he's in the big league.

Have a great summer! It'll be over soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Softball, softball and more softball

Afton had the 2nd of her three allstar tournaments this past weekend. They did very well on Sat. beating every team they played. That set them up for a great seeding in the single elimination tournament on Sun. They played a team they should have squashed first but pulled it out in the end. So that meant on to the championships against their biggest rivals Mint Hill. Every time they've played this paticular Mint Hill team they beat them by 1 run. It's their time :) The girls played a great game but came up 1 run short with a score of 5-6 in the end. That's o.k. though, they took second and got trophies. They were excited. Mint Hill, you better watch out for the hurricanes, here they come!!!

Cruz's Bling

Cruz had a cavity in his back molar (bummer). After the whole fiasco of finding a dentist without dental insurance he went and got his first (and hopefully last) baby root canal and his silver crown. So here he is sporting his BLING.