Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Emergency Room Visit For Cruz

We haven't had to visit the emergency room at all for hurt children, although there were a couple of split heads that probably would have warranted stitches but Bill's great with butterfly bandages:) On Sunday night we put the kids to bed and not even 10 minutes later Brooks came running out yelling "Cruz is hurt bad!" I went to check on him and he had his hand over his mouth crying. When I had him open his mouth I knew there must be teeth missing. He had blood, lots of blood. You know the thick dark red kind that oozes instead of just being there? After assessing the situation, Bill & I decided it was best to go to the emergency room. After waiting for an hour and the Dr. looking at it, it was determined that he had ripped his lip completely up so that there was a hole in the area where his nasal passage was. The Dr. determined that he wouldn't put stitches in because it would probably cause more problems than fix them by trapping bacteria in it. Your upper lip lies down and is tight so he thought that it would probably heal o.k. After looking at it tonight it looks pretty good. It's definitely bruised inside and his lip is still slightly swollen but not bad like I thought it would. Kids are incredible.

I never told you the reason for the bleeding, suffice it to say that his 2 older brothers were involved:)

Boy I love them